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Enterprise level commercial HVAC service provider servicing a wide range of clients across the globe, while actively addressing climate change, improving air quality, and supporting its clients with 24/7 emergency services

Project Description

Penn Air Group is one of the largest HVAC contractors in the United States, servicing major enterprise clients including several of the biggest Las Vegas hotels. The Company needed to give their website a much-needed face lift in order to ensure the Company’s brand image online was consistent with their reputation.

A clean, minimal and straight forward UX, combined with a unique corporate touch was exactly what they needed.


  • Website Development
  • Speed Optimization
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The Penn Air Group website was a very straight forward project, but any other agency could’ve made it more difficult than it needed to be.

When designing a corporate website, especially for a niche industry such as HVAC and Air Quality Control, it’s important to listen to the Client as they know their audience best.

If we had gone with a more flashy approach on the UX, it would’ve positioned the Company’s image in a way that wasn’t consistent with their reputation.

Ultimately, I’m very pleased with how the project came out and feel pleased to see that the website still looks fresh even after several years since its initial launch.

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