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Ascend Private Equity

Flexible lending solutions for a wide range of borrowers with a focus on building relationships through a foundation of trust, transparency, and integrity.

Project Description

Ascend Private Equity was in its startup phase and needed a logo with a modern, trustworthy appeal and clean, professional website that provided the business with a credible and established brand image, a clean user interface for users to learn about the business’ offering, and straight-forward, functional lead generation platform to easily gather leads and then send the data into a sales funnel.

Our process was very straight forward. We began by crafting a symbol for the logo and researching various typefaces that delivered the impression the owners were looking for. Once the branding had been finalized, we developed a complete business kit, including business cards, flyers, and more. From there, the branding we had established sreved as a foundation for the website, which made helped streamlined the theming process as we developed the various pages and functions of the website.

The end result–a stunning and effective website that stood out amongst similar businesses while offering a trustworthy, established brand image for the business and an easy, functional experience for the user.


  • Brand Development
  • Website Development
  • Lead Generation Strategy
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The Ascend Private Equity project was a very straight forward project, but it was an exciting and fun project as we had the opportunity to help build the brand image and online presence from the ground up.

The owners had a certain image that they wanted to achieve, but beyond that, they gave us free reign to do what we do best, and that’s exactly what we did.

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