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Introducing a new take on kratom–Ultra Pure Performance-Enhancing kratom products, formulated to deliver enhanced energy, focus, and mood

Project Description

K-Fuel is a alternative wellness startup brand that offers a selection of premium kratom products, including Kratom Shots and Kratom Gummies.

While the current kratom market caters to the sedative effects of kratom, K-Fuel decided to take a unique approach by focusing on the energy, focus, and mood enhancing effects of kratom, which is achieved when consuming kratom in lower doses.

Up for the challenge, our Lead Brand Designer, Mario, worked closely with Scale Smart CMO, Aaron, to craft a unique image that significantly contrasted other kratom products and appealed to an entirely new demographic of potential kratom users: fitness enthusiasts, business professionals, parents, and more.

The result: a stunning, highly memorable brand that stands out on the shelves and attracts people looking for a natural way to gain enhanced energy, focus, and mood.


  • Brand Development
  • Product Development
  • E-Commerce Development
  • User Experience Design
  • Public Relations
  • Social Media

Note: K-Fuel products are currently available on the market; however, the official K-Fuel website has yet to launch

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Based on the objectives of the brand, K-Fuel was definitely a challenge, but it forced us to stretch and really use our imagination.

I’m extremely proud of the appeal of the end product and website UX and strongly believe K-Fuel will be a major contender in the $10B Kratom market.

While the official website has yet to launch, the recommended approach would be to develop an engaging content strategy around the unique, energy enhancing effects of K-Fuel and then deliver strong messaging in different formats across key channels like search, paid media, digital advertising, and influencers.

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