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Embracing families and supporting the well-being of children through the warmth of high-quality, long-lasting home goods and accessories

Project Description

Based out of Australia, Living Textiles serves an audience that is quite particular about the types of products they purchase. After all, who doesn’t want the best for their newborn or blossoming child?

When it comes to quality, Living Textile’s products set the standard, but translating that quality along with the brand’s mission of “embracing families” through an online store was a challenge the growing company needed help with.


  • Website Development
  • UX Design
  • Speed Optimization
  • Multi-Store Integration
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The Living Textile project was quite tricky due to the Company’s desire to maintain strong control over how the brand image was represented on the website.

Naturally, they were very involved, which initially came of as controlling, but as we continued to work together, it became clear that they weren’t trying to be controlling–they were simply very passionate about their brand and genuinely cared about the audience that that they were serving.

Living Textile had a full in-house production team, consisting of several graphic designers, copywriters, and photographers, and Scale Smart CMO, Aaron, worked very closely along side the team to clearly understand their goals and craft a user and shopping experience that aligned with the Living Textile Team’s vision.

By completely integrating with the Living Textile team, we were able to craft a stunning Shopify store that resonated with the Living Textile brand image and appealed to the moms and dads shopping on the website.

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